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Salwan Education Trust

Vision of the Founder Father Late Mr. G.L. Salwan  
"Education for all – irrespective of Caste, Creed, Religion or Class."


Vol. 2 : May 2011


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Salwan Boys Sr. Sec. School, Rajinder Nagar

Salwan Montessori School

Rajinder Nagar

Salwan Girls Sr. Sec. School, Rajinder Nagar

Salwan Public School

Rajinder Nagar

G.D. Salwan Public School

Rajinder Nagar

Salwan Public School Afternoon, Rajinder Nagar

Salwan Junior Public   School,

Salwan Public School

Mayur Vihar

Salwan Public School

Sector 15, Gurgaon

Salwan Montessori School Sector 5, Gurgaon

Salwan Public School
Tronica City, Ghaziabad



From the Editor's Pen

Think of me First As a Person......

“I was born in this wonderful world like everyone else but my parents did not rejoice rather they grieved- Why ? You may ask……… you see, people say that i am different but  if some error of nature occurred when I was growing in my mother’s womb, was that my fault? Does it really matter that I am not like majority of people in terms of my physique or intellect? Being different is not a crime, I, too, have feelings and aspirations, I, too, need love and recognition like all of you. I do have a right to respectful living! I do require education and training to grow up and develop! I too need to be as self reliant as possible and work and earn.......


We Care....

In keeping with the vision of the Founder, the schools run under the aegis of the Trust are inclusive, in the true sense, with a dedicated unit for Learning Disability and Visual Impairment, catering to the needs of the special ones. The Units are manned by qualified Special Educators who assist the regular teachers in supplementing classroom instructions. Students with physical disabilities are also a part of the main stream education. Committed to the upliftment of  the disadvantaged, the Trust is realizing its mission of - "Education for all" by providing  the best of opportunities to the disadvantaged, so that they can become confident, self sufficient, independent and empowered individuals who can contribute meaningfully to the society.

This edition is dedicated to the 'special ones' for whom life is ---
an unending darkness..... a world of shadows......The Trust, with a devoted team of teachers, passionately nurtures the desire to create  beautiful children........a teacher's dream........It is also dedicated to all the differently abled, for whom life is a challenge but once empowered, they do not  let their disability take charge of their life........



Salwan Education Trust...... Established in 1941 at Peshawar