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SET Initiatives

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

Salwan Public School, Gurugram (Study Centre No: 1021d, 38002p) in affiliation with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) provides the following programmes:

Courses offered at Salwan Public School

S. No.


Eligibility Criteria



Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

10 + 2

 3 Years


Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (DECE)

10 + 2

 1 Year


Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE)

10 + 2

 1 Year


Certificate in Guidance (CIG)

10th pass

 6 Months


Certificate in Teaching Primary Level Mathematics (CTPM)

10th pass / working nursery, primary or elementary teachers

 6 Months


Certificate in Technology (CIT)

10th pass

 6 Months

IGNOU Website: www.ignou.ac.in/
Email :- ignou1021d@salwanGurugram.com
*Prospectus available at Reception



All study material- be it Montessori Curriculum course books, rhyme books, worksheets, art books, have been tailor-made by the faculty in house with the aim to create self-reliant learners. The material enforces fruitful engagement with activities and ideas that promote mental exercise enabling students to retain new learning as well as  integrate it with what they already know.

NAVTIKA – A Journal on Early Childhood Care and Education, a first of its kind initiative taken by the Trust, was launched on 20th January 2007. It is a quarterly publication intended for parents, teacher educators, research workers and teacher trainees. The content includes a collection of thought provoking articles by distinguished educationists sharing their innovative practices, teachers' corner, workshop calendar and conferences, helpline for parents, book reviews and other features pertinent to the field of Early Childhood Care and Education.

Themes of Navtika Publication till date

Year 2018
[1] First Issue: Mindful Parenting- Raising Happy Children
[2] Second Issue: Developing Physical and Emotional Security- Providing a Welcoming and Supportive Environment

Year 2017
[1] First Issue: Learning through Activities: Scaffolding Early Childhood Potential
[2] Second Issue: Thinking out of the Box: Boosting Brain Power
[3] Third Issue: Supporting Children's Creativity: Music, Dance, Drama and Art
[4] Fourth Issue: Becoming a Leader: Developing Leadership and Management Skills in the Early's Creativity: Music, Dance, Drama and Art.

Year 2016
[1] First Issue: Reach out to the Special Call: Special Children Special Ways
[2] Second Issue: Early Childhood Curriculum: A Child's Connection to the World
[3] Third Issue: Empowering the Child. Nurturing the Ever Inquisitive Mind
[4] Fourth Issue: Getting Ready for School: Supporting School Readiness

Year 2015

[1] First Issue: Nurturing Childhood : Achieving Sustainable Practices
[2] Second Issue: Building Motor Skills in Young Children

Year 2014
[1] First Issue: Impact of Media in the Early Years
[2] Second Issue: Teaching about Environment to Young Children
[3] Third Issue: Fostering Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills in Young Children
[4] Fourth Issue: Developmentally Appropriate Practices in Early Years

Year 2013
[1] First Issue: Multiple Intelligences: A Holistic Development
[2] Second Issue : Parents as Partners in ECE
[3] Third Issue: Developing Social-Emotional Skills in the Early Years
[4] Fourth Issue: Inclusion and Diversity in the Early Years

Year 2012
[1] First Issue: Pre-school Teacher: A Mentor, Guide or Facilitator
[2] Second Issue: Challenges in Early Childhood
[3] Third Issue: Emergent Literacy
[4] Fourth Issue: ICT Culture in Early Childhood Educatio

Year 2011
[1] First Issue: Importance of Music
[2] Second Issue: ICT in Early Years
[3] Third Issue: Exploring Science through Childhood Experiences
[4] Fourth Issue: Value Inculcation in the Early Years

Year 2010
[1] First Issue: Weaving a Wonderful World of Words
[2] Second Issue: Right to Education Act coming into Force
[3] Third Issue: Wonders of Play
[4] Fourth Issue: Maths for Everyone

Year 2009
[1] First Issue: Early Brain Development
[2] Second Issue: Language Development
[3] Third Issue: Understand Child's Mind to be an Effective Teacher

Year 2008
[1] First Issue: Holistic Early Childhood Curriculum
[2] Second Issue: Healthy Psycho-Social Development
[3] Third Issue:Assessment of Children's progress

Year 2007
[1] First Issue: NCF - A set of guidelines for ECCE Services, Nursery Admission
[2] Second Issue: The Judgment in the Best Interest of the Pre-School Child
[3] Third Issue: Parents Involvement in Early Childhood

Editorial Office:

Salwan Public School
Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi-110060
Website: sps.salwanschools.com
e-mail: sps@salwanschools.com
Salwan Montessori School
Sector-5, Gurugram-122001 (Haryana)
Ph: 0124-2253756
Website: spsgurgaon.salwanschools.com
e-mail: smsgurgaon@salwanschools.com

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The Salwan Cup ‘School Golf Championship’

One of the most commendable initiatives undertaken by the Salwan Education Trust, is its endeavour to promote the Sport of Golf at School level by hosting The Salwan Cup ‘School Golf Championship’ for Schools in collaboration with Delhi Golf Society, affiliated to Indian Golf Union, the Apex Golf Body of India.

The Salwan Cup ‘School Golf Championship’, an annual feature at Salwan provides amateur golfers a platform to nurture their talents and develop competitive skills. The event aims at encouraging budding sports stars to chase their dreams by providing equal opportunity to all students to rise and shine! The Golf Championship provides the amateur golfers a platform to nurture their talent and has opened a new avenue of Sports at School Level. It provides a stepping stone to the National and International Tournaments. Talented golfers create history at the golf course and as they display exemplary skills, unparalleled focus and consistency.